Brighton, U.K.

It’s so amazingly nostalgic and bright, that almost makes me cry.







Today, the 6th June, is Sweden’s National Day. Sweden is a country with which I’m personally bound, I’ve some dear friends that live there and I’ve been lucky enough to visit it some times, and of course I’m looking forward to visit it again. In order to celebrate it properly, I’ve tried to gather some iconic spots of this awesome country, where nature rules and where, especially in the long cold winters, silence prevails.

3019348479_6371d948a2_o 84_1red_boathouses_v2 nature-landscapes_widewallpaper_winter-in-sweden_15257 Sweden-Nature-Widescreen-Wallpaper Sweden’s majestic nature.

21125331Winter Holidays in the famous village and ski resort of Åre ostersund32vi

Östersund’s landscape from above. The city is located on Sweden’s fifth largest lake, Storsjön. According to the legend there’s a monster dwelling in there

Östersunds_rådhus_i_kvällsljus Östersund’s City Hall 18572428 Almost a boundary between civilization and wilderness, Luleå is a small but enjoyable city, famous for its highly productive Technical University.

Jönköping View of Jönköping, situated on the Vättern Lake

Orebro_slott_2010 Örebro’s Castle stora_alvaret_01_2013-08-19_01 Windmill in the green of the limestone barren field named Stora Alvaret, on the Island of Öland.

Sweden tourism destinations The picturesque village of Visby, located on the beautiful Gotland Island. 276740_3imagepuff Uppsala and its famous university as well as a student-like and young atmosphere. stockholm-die-vasa-a12548b5-0c65-4682-be49-900b51850afc stockholm_city_hall__sweden Alt-Stadt-Stockholm-Schweden Stockholm_Overview stockholmpanorama The wonders of Stockholm. PIX-BX7BCK The amusement Park Liseberg, in Göteborg

Göteborg02 View of Göteborg’s City Centremalmoe113_v-contentgross Malmö, the door of Sweden.  oeresundbruecke-malmoe-4a0f5b44-076b-4898-9bdf-cbeda0d90aba The 15km bridge between Denmark and Sweden.