Brisbane, Australia

Last week, Brisbane has been seat of the G20’s Summit. While I was watching on TV the news about such an important event, I could catch a glimpse of the city, a city that, I confess , has surprised me, for its modern and, at the same time, green look. I’ve seen a lot of parks, a lot of wonderful skyscrapers, a generalized well-being, a neat and quiet environment.

I got curious, and so I looked for some of Brisbane’s main attractions and wonderful spots, hoping to fly there as soon as possible! (YEAH, Dreamflight)

Brisbane-skyline Brisbane_from_Kangaroo_Point Brisbane_May_2013

Brisbane’s Skyline

220366_07d27e563caac6be557335ab015cfcfa_large tqld_south-bank_parklands


South Bank Parklands

1159302917 brisbane-afternoon-city-tour-including-lone-pine-koala-sanctuary-and-in-brisbane-151223

Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  5315609655_1cc7a75489


Mount Coot-tha Lookout 

GollingsJGoMABrisbane GOMA_1

Queensland Art Gallery

brisbane4 brisbane-botanic-gardens

Botanic Gardens




(Some of) The largest Shopping Malls in the World

Today I’ve met a new awesome friend: he’s from Edmonton, Canada.

I’ve been in Edmonton twice and I love it; I first studied English there so I have to confess: Edmonton owns a piece of my heart!

Speaking seriously… I’ve wondered a lot today about my Canadian experience… then my brain made a connection (don’t know why, my brain’s sometimes bizarre)

Canada + Edmonton + Upcoming Christmas Season = Shopping

Shopping + Canada = West Edmonton Mall. 

I was like a kid over there and I loved every single moment I’ve spent in the water park… anyway, here are four of the largest shopping malls in the world, at least my favorites, or the ones that caught my eyes.

OK, stop talking, here they are.


1) West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada 

Yes, I’ve cited that, and here it is. With more than 800 shops, attractions and services, the WDM was until 2004 the largest in the world. Numbers are impressive. It receives more than 90.000 visitors per day, and more than 32 million every year.

west-edmonton-mall-94359 World_Wide Shops_in_WEM

2 – Golden Resources Mall – Beijing – China

This isn’t the largest Mall in China, it’s the second one in the list. But the N°1, the South China Mall it’s largely vacant and it’s on its way to become a Dead Mall, I thought this could be more representative. It hosts more than 1.000 shops and services (1.000?? The largest shopping mall in my hometown has 40 shops).

Golden Resources Mall Golden-Resources-Mall-Image

3 – SM Megamall – Manila – Philippines

The parking lot has the impressive capacity of 4 millions cars. That’s enough to say about this HUGE THING.

SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines 2178, 2245, 2355, 2641 Photo 3

4 – Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

Last but not the Least. This incredible building, opened in 1992, receives more than 40 million visitors every year and includes a large indoor amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe. Not bad MoA.

mall-of-america OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA more-rides-at-mall-of-america-interlochen

P.S. MoA’s and West Edmonton Mall’s owner is the same. I can’t guess the annual income (and taxes too).



Berliner Mauer – Berlin Wall

Today, 09th November 2014, is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Germany’s Capital has rememberer the date that changed its shape (and Germany and Europe’s future as well) lighting up hundreds and hundreds of white balloons, set where once the wall was. So a visitor can actually see a stream of light cutting Berlin in two. A mesmerizing and quite scenographic effect.

But the meaning behind this nowadays symbols is enormous: after the fall of the wall the city of Berlin has always tried to make “transparency” and “light” as its own symbols (the Kuppel of the Parliament is the supreme example of this), becoming one of the most important cultural capitals in the world.

After twenty years, the differences between the Western and the Eastern part can still be seen… Berlin is a wounded city, History has been mean to it… but as a phoenix, it has risen up once again.

Get Human Indiano Berlin Mauer bm-25-33Montage-600DPI 10_300c74f9641672eba4ecab831d226000 Lichtgrenze-4- Panorama_BBT_links_final_DIN_Lang_Startseite