Meroë Pyramids, مرواه, Sudan

200km North-East of Khartoum, on the east bank of the Nile, the ancient capital of the Kingdom of Kush awaits the visitors with its necropolis and more than 200 stone pyramids, divided in three groups. It takes your breath away.

This archeological site is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Shendy_Meroe_Pyramids Famous Meroe pyramids the-meroe-pyramids sudan-meroe-pyramid-reconstructed 01-Meroe-pyramids_lrg Sudan_Meroe_Pyramids_30sep2005_2

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The Baobabs Alley, Menabe, Madagascar

Whilst the world (at least our “Western World”) dwells in a chaotic high-speed life where every second matters and should not be wasted, there are some places on Earth where the heart feels it can naturally wind down.

Baobabs trees usually stand alone, but here they gather together forming a corridor, an alley around the dirty road.

alee-des-baobabs2_web MadaBaobabs avenue-of-the-baobabs-morondova-madagascar Walking_the_Avenue_of_the_Baobabs mg6764

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