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Our planet is small, but on its surface there’s something other planets don’t have.

I’m not talking about life (we actually don’t know if we’re lonely in this infinity), but I’m sure there’s no other planet like Earth.

It’s really easy to understand if we stop and think about it a little. Maybe we can just make our life easier, maybe we can dream about all the stories, the people and the amazing diversity we’ve on our “blue sphere” and just be happy to be here.

Travel is the path that leads to planet’s soul and that can enrich one’s spirit like nothing else.

Speaking another language (or at least trying to do it), exploring, talking with people, taking the road that’s not written on the map, eating in amazing restaurants or at people’s home, sharing the feelings, contemplating every corner of our planet. There are so many ways to enjoy life and feel alive.

We can’t stop the wars, we can’t defeat every suffering, but we can, definitely, respect our house, floating in the dark eternal night of the universe.



world relief map


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