9/11 Memorial, New York City

No day shall erase you from the memory of time.

Humanity can build up wonderful things, but we are sadly aware of what kind of atrocities humanity can conceive.

For us, living in the 21st century, 9/11 is surely a turning point, an historical passage, a moment carved in our minds, a moment that we will never forget.

memorial-hall_credit-jin-lee  SNOHETTA-911-Museum-Exterior-Night109167ax223-248f-9jpg-a569f38ac4ed1057 New September 11th Memorial Museum Holds Preview For Media 2-Security-at-9-11-Memorial


Incredible Airports

I was listening to a radio program today, and they were talking about airports, once the most common non-lieux according to the definition of the French sociologist Marc Augé.

Nowadays airports aren’t just a passage point, a passage place where long and boring stopover hours could be spent, they are changing their shape, design and functions, looking more like huge shopping malls and lounge bars, places where one could spend hours shopping, drinking, eating, chilling out, swim in a swimming pool (in Singapore this is possible), enjoying wonderful settings and creative ideas.

Far East’s airports seem to be the largest and more impressive in the world, but the Arabian Peninsula’s, like Doha’s and Dubai’s are taking up the gauntlet. Beside these giants, tiny and cute airports resist, like the ones in Thailandia or in the northern part of Scandinavia. Flavors are completely different, and deciding which one is the best is a matter of personal taste.

I will post pictures of the airports that have been voted as “The Best in the World” at the World Airport Awards, but if you would like to comment, to present your city’s airport and post a picture, I would be absolutely happy!


Singapore Changi Airport

lwsm_changiaprt_pd_6517_3_191 Singapore_Changi_Airport,_Terminal_1,_Departure_Hall_7,_Dec_05


Incheon International Airport, South Corea




Munich Airport



Hong Kong International Airport



Hongkong Airport Terminal


Amsterdam Schiphol 

Schiphol-Airport_Sitting-Men-500x421 airport_park_outdoor_terrace


Tokyo Haneda International Airport

DOT_Japan_III_Tokyo_Haneda_Airport_Galeria index.php


Beijing Capital Airport

201041342243157 beijing-capital-international-airport-terminal-3-peking-pek-china-03


Zurich Airport

resized_650x365_origimage_507235 26474_l


Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver Vancouver-International-Airport-6


London Heathrow 

100_0645 heathrow-airport-pictures-and-photos-wallpaper


Winter Wonderland

Here I will post some images of winter and of the Christmas season around the northern hemisphere. There is so much to wonder and to enjoy even during the coldest months! There are wonders everywhere, we just have to be able to spot them!

Just follow the images and you will be able to see how our world can be beautiful and magical. I know it is kinda rhetorical, but if we train ourselves to catch such an enchantment, to deeply enjoy the seconds that we live, I’m sure that our lives can be better, our spirits turn lighter and our experiences, when on travel, can be even more intense. It is not easy to do, I am trying it out too, but I’m starting to see the first results, and it feels amazing.

Brussels_Market_RhineBruxelles (Belgium) and La Grande Place/Grote Markt

1071941 Copenhagen (Denmark). Winter decorations and magic at Tivoli.

roterplatz Moskau (Russia). The incredible Red Square lit up with festive decorations.

Rockefeller Tree Lighting New York (U.S.A.). The classical, enchanting lights of the Rockefeller Center’s Christmas Tree.

557762-bigthumbnail Japan. A Torii, a traditional Japanese gate commonly found at the entrance of a Shinto temple, covered in snow.


Santa_Claus_Village3 Rovaniemi (Finland) – Santa Claus’ Village


weihnachtsmaerkte_04_07 Brixen/Bressanone (Italy) – The warm and cozy lights of the Christmas Market, a tradition of the Südtirol region.

821283-niagara-falls-ice-winter Niagara (Canada/U.S.A.) – Frozen river

SONY DSC Goðafoss (Iceland) – The purest magic of the Nature at its best.

hotel-kakslauttanen-igloo-village-leadSaariselkä (Finland) – Warm and comfortable igloo (Kakslauttanen) to wait for the Northern Lights and enjoy the beautiful landscapes of this place.

6415312_800d225fc2_z Stockholm (Sweden) – The city itself is a jewel, and with snow even more.

tromso_dark Tromsø (Norway) – Winter lights in the city.

harbin-ice-festiva_2781691k Harbin (China) – The annual, spectacular ice festival. I think there are no words to describe it. I think I will post something else about this thing! Stay tuned. And enjoy the world.


The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Island of Adventures – Orlando, Florida

This is probably the world’s most famous thematic area of a theme park, but there’s more than the resonance of J.K. Rowling’s masterpieces here. Rides and scenography are stunning, the atmosphere one breathes here is the genuine magical astonishment of a child lost in a dreamy (but not too much) world of (wizarding) wonders.

Not to miss:

– Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey and Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringott (the two main rides of the area)

– A stroll through Diagon Alley (enjoying a fresh butterbeer)

– A ride from King’s Cross to Hogsmeade on the Hogwarts Express


HP and the Escape from Gringotts  4stb_potter062014_13350305_8col wizarding-world-early-entry trip-wizarding-world-harry-potter--large-msg-129266344525 66561812 5_0 SANYO DIGITAL CAMERA


(Some of) The largest Shopping Malls in the World

Today I’ve met a new awesome friend: he’s from Edmonton, Canada.

I’ve been in Edmonton twice and I love it; I first studied English there so I have to confess: Edmonton owns a piece of my heart!

Speaking seriously… I’ve wondered a lot today about my Canadian experience… then my brain made a connection (don’t know why, my brain’s sometimes bizarre)

Canada + Edmonton + Upcoming Christmas Season = Shopping

Shopping + Canada = West Edmonton Mall. 

I was like a kid over there and I loved every single moment I’ve spent in the water park… anyway, here are four of the largest shopping malls in the world, at least my favorites, or the ones that caught my eyes.

OK, stop talking, here they are.


1) West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada 

Yes, I’ve cited that, and here it is. With more than 800 shops, attractions and services, the WDM was until 2004 the largest in the world. Numbers are impressive. It receives more than 90.000 visitors per day, and more than 32 million every year.

west-edmonton-mall-94359 World_Wide Shops_in_WEM

2 – Golden Resources Mall – Beijing – China

This isn’t the largest Mall in China, it’s the second one in the list. But the N°1, the South China Mall it’s largely vacant and it’s on its way to become a Dead Mall, I thought this could be more representative. It hosts more than 1.000 shops and services (1.000?? The largest shopping mall in my hometown has 40 shops).

Golden Resources Mall Golden-Resources-Mall-Image

3 – SM Megamall – Manila – Philippines

The parking lot has the impressive capacity of 4 millions cars. That’s enough to say about this HUGE THING.

SM Megamall, Manila, Philippines 2178, 2245, 2355, 2641 Photo 3

4 – Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S.A. 

Last but not the Least. This incredible building, opened in 1992, receives more than 40 million visitors every year and includes a large indoor amusement park, Nickelodeon Universe. Not bad MoA.

mall-of-america OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA more-rides-at-mall-of-america-interlochen

P.S. MoA’s and West Edmonton Mall’s owner is the same. I can’t guess the annual income (and taxes too).