Pink Sands, Bahamas

On one side, hotels and resorts, on the other side there is the paradise.

PINK-COP harbour_island_pink_sand_beach Pink-sand-of-Barbuda Pink-Sands-Beach-Harbour-Island-Bahamas


Blumentapijt/Flower Carpet – Bruxelles, Belgium

The Grand Place / Grote Markt in Bruxelles is always stunning, one of the most beautiful squares in the world. You don’t believe it’s real till you’re there… it’s like a climax, from the little streets that surround it (full of wonderful shops, chocolate and french fries) to the moment when your eyes literally open themselves widely trying to reach every corner of this incredible artistic jewel.

Every year, in the middle of the square “blooms” a huge flower carpet. Hundreds of incredibly talented flower artisans and artists work to create something that’s absolutely magical and enchanting, day and night.

Here some examples.

2010_16-51-113633 233 bloementapijt-evenement-brussel-2(p-event,10749)(c-0) bloementapijt-evenement-brussel-1(p-event,10749)(c-0)