Berlin – Hauptbahnhof

The biggest train station in Europe, projected by Meinhard von Gerkan and opened in 2006 with a big ceremony.

It’s an architectural masterpiece and has presented many difficult tasks for engineers and architects, like the curved tracks or the glass roof.

Not to miss during a visit!

Berlin-Hauptbahnhof hauptbahnhof_oben Bueroraeume-Berlin-Hauptbahnhof ice train cross berlin-innen-1


Incredible Airports

I was listening to a radio program today, and they were talking about airports, once the most common non-lieux according to the definition of the French sociologist Marc Augé.

Nowadays airports aren’t just a passage point, a passage place where long and boring stopover hours could be spent, they are changing their shape, design and functions, looking more like huge shopping malls and lounge bars, places where one could spend hours shopping, drinking, eating, chilling out, swim in a swimming pool (in Singapore this is possible), enjoying wonderful settings and creative ideas.

Far East’s airports seem to be the largest and more impressive in the world, but the Arabian Peninsula’s, like Doha’s and Dubai’s are taking up the gauntlet. Beside these giants, tiny and cute airports resist, like the ones in Thailandia or in the northern part of Scandinavia. Flavors are completely different, and deciding which one is the best is a matter of personal taste.

I will post pictures of the airports that have been voted as “The Best in the World” at the World Airport Awards, but if you would like to comment, to present your city’s airport and post a picture, I would be absolutely happy!


Singapore Changi Airport

lwsm_changiaprt_pd_6517_3_191 Singapore_Changi_Airport,_Terminal_1,_Departure_Hall_7,_Dec_05


Incheon International Airport, South Corea




Munich Airport



Hong Kong International Airport



Hongkong Airport Terminal


Amsterdam Schiphol 

Schiphol-Airport_Sitting-Men-500x421 airport_park_outdoor_terrace


Tokyo Haneda International Airport

DOT_Japan_III_Tokyo_Haneda_Airport_Galeria index.php


Beijing Capital Airport

201041342243157 beijing-capital-international-airport-terminal-3-peking-pek-china-03


Zurich Airport

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Vancouver International Airport

Vancouver Vancouver-International-Airport-6


London Heathrow 

100_0645 heathrow-airport-pictures-and-photos-wallpaper