Schloß Neuschwanstein – Schwangau, Bayern, Germany


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The true fairy tales castle that inspired Walt Disney! I advise you to read King Ludwig II’s history too, to understand better the meaning of his castles.


Berlin – Hauptbahnhof

The biggest train station in Europe, projected by Meinhard von Gerkan and opened in 2006 with a big ceremony.

It’s an architectural masterpiece and has presented many difficult tasks for engineers and architects, like the curved tracks or the glass roof.

Not to miss during a visit!

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Berliner Mauer – Berlin Wall

Today, 09th November 2014, is the 25th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Germany’s Capital has rememberer the date that changed its shape (and Germany and Europe’s future as well) lighting up hundreds and hundreds of white balloons, set where once the wall was. So a visitor can actually see a stream of light cutting Berlin in two. A mesmerizing and quite scenographic effect.

But the meaning behind this nowadays symbols is enormous: after the fall of the wall the city of Berlin has always tried to make “transparency” and “light” as its own symbols (the Kuppel of the Parliament is the supreme example of this), becoming one of the most important cultural capitals in the world.

After twenty years, the differences between the Western and the Eastern part can still be seen… Berlin is a wounded city, History has been mean to it… but as a phoenix, it has risen up once again.

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Europa Park – Rust, Germany

Europa Park is one of the best and biggest amusement parks in Europe, and next year will celebrate 40 years of fun.

Grounded in 1975 by Franz Mack and led by its family members, the park reached 250.000 visitors by the first opening year, and one million in 1978. Not that bad. In 1982 begun, with the opening of the “italian” thematic area, , the idea of building an amusement park where every different area would have represented a european country. In 1984 the “Netherlands” area has been built, in 1988 England, in 1990 France and so on. The latest has been Iceland, in 2009, with the grand opening of a launched roller coaster, Blue Fire, developed by Mack Rides, Europa Park owner’s amusement rides company.

By 2013 the park reached almost 5 million visitors and is the second amusement park in Europe after Disneyland Paris for number of vistors and dimension, and has won many differnt prizes.

If you like amusement parks and you’re in Europe, then Europa Park is a visit you won’t regret.

Coliseum in EuropaPark superior-erlebnishotel 2005_EUROPA_PARK_SilverStar_16 Panorama filename-100-2333-jpg Atlantica_(Europa-Park_Germany) blue-fire-ueberblick 264_0_5