Pink Sands, Bahamas

On one side, hotels and resorts, on the other side there is the paradise.

PINK-COP harbour_island_pink_sand_beach Pink-sand-of-Barbuda Pink-Sands-Beach-Harbour-Island-Bahamas


Lanzarote, Canary Islands – Spain

Sorry for being absent on my blog but I was living an unforgettable experience in Lanzarote, the northernmost island of the seven Canary Islands (El Hierro, Palma, La Gomera, Tenerife, Gran Canaria and Fuerteventura) and surely the most transformed by a series of eruptions whose traces are violently visible on the island’s surface.

Its incredible and unique geological and natural landscapes are a treasure to discover, together with its dramatic cliffs, wonderful beaches, caves and grottos and thousands fat plants that grow in the most unusual places, showing that life is stronger than the most disruptive event.

I advise you to rent a car/motorbike and drive on the island’s roads enjoying its landscape changing in a couple of miles and stopping wherever you feel like.

Apart from the main touristic centers (the capital Arrecife and the main touristic destination Puerto del Carmen) are the little towns and villages whose white, flat buildings with blue or green shutters create a nice and romantic contrast to the black/reddish shade of the volcanoes. In these little fishermen’s towns, one can eat delicious fresh fish in one of the tiny restaurants.

El Golfo and this incredible black beach with the Green Lake. 

2015-05-25 12.11.48 2015-05-25 12.11.53

Los Hervideros

2015-05-25 16.51.50 2015-05-25 17.16.39

The large sand beach of Puerto del Carmen


The infernal beauty of the Timanfaya National Park

SAM_4687 SAM_5141 SAM_5162 SAM_5178 SAM_5194

The delicious little village of Haria


The stunning view from the Mirador del Rio 

SAM_5313 SAM_5329

The volcanic grottos – La Cueva de los Verdes

SAM_5359 SAM_5368

Los Jameos del Agua – The white pool is by the most famous artist of the island, César Manrique. 

SAM_5380 SAM_5399

White sand and perfect volcanic lagoons 

SAM_5440 SAM_5449

The little village of Orzola, the northernmost village of the island, where one can eat delicious food and take a ferry to the near Isla la Graciosa 

SAM_5463 SAM_5464

Monumento al Campesino by César Manrique


The beautiful beach of Famara is a paradise for the surfers. 

SAM_5618 SAM_5621

Giant cactus – Jardin de Cactus by César Manrique

SAM_5652 SAM_5658

Fondacion César Manrique – Tahiche 

SAM_5764 SAM_5765


Samoa Islands

The Samoan Islands, a true paradise situated in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.

The western part of the archipelago is known as “Independent State of Samoa”, with Apia as capital city, while the eastern part is the “American Samoa” an unincorporated territory of the United States.

Useless to describe the beauty of the ocean, of the beaches and of the beautiful landscapes this true paradise on Earth can offer like the mesmerizing natural show of the Alofaaga Blowholes.

blowholes-hero Samoan Islands 6-525ad67c-7065-4c9b-9e48-f160cb7931e2 Samoa_NZHerald_Article Samoa-lagoon american-samoa-787_3


Portugal – Lisboa, Porto, Faro, Aveiro

Portugal is beautiful, enclosed in the south-western part of the iberian peninsula and with many different landscapes and places to visit. Here are four examples, my favorites, of the wonders a visitor can find on a journey in Portugal.

Lisbon is a wonderful and multicultural city, proud of its regal and magnificent past. One can’t miss to listen to the typical “fado” and to take a stroll (or a streetcar ride) through the “Barrio Alto” while visiting here.

Lisboa_Rossio $K4T$$HOTEL$$!$2013-03-22154300_272raidho$$3747202 36550_lisboa_barrio_alto Lisboa - Belém

Porto, in the north, is absolutely stunning. The old town is incredible, and absolutely worth a visit.

portofinal view-of-porto-portugal-from-river-1600x1066


Faro, in the most southern part of the country, offers wonderful beaches and a crystalline blue sea.

Faro-Cove PT003-02

Aveiro is simply adorable. The portuguese Venice.



Obrigado Portugal!



Italy is the country where I’m born. I’ve never felt that patriotic… but that’s another tale.

Anyway I must admit that the Mediterranean “Boot”, civilization’s crib (or any other way to call it) has a lot to offer to a traveller. Amazing landscapes, majestic mountains, hills, lakes, a crystalline sea, white beaches, cities full of art, restaurants, incredible buildings, history, amusement, fun, culture.

From North to South, there’s so much to see and discover, and many different faces of a country that’s really young as a whole, but that has still many different worlds within.

A proof of that is the incredible amount of dialects spoken in the twenty regions; some of them can be considered languages.

Ah I haven’t mentioned food and wine, which are a “must” for every traveller coming to Italy. Each region has its own typical foods and dishes, and it’s up to you to try them all!!!

Anyway, let’s start. North to South.


Bologna is my hometown, that’s why it’s the first one. A cute medieval city in the middle of the “Pianura Padana”, known for its university and for the amazing cultural life . Often not included in the big tours, Bologna worth a visit. Not to miss: eat the original Lasagne, Tortellini and Ragù (internationally known as Bolognese sauce).


Aosta and its amazing mountains

Turin, Italy

Turin and its culture and royal heritage.


The picturesque and spectacular Liguria and Cinque Terre.

milano piazza del duomo

Milan and its glamour


Peace and romanticism on Como’s Lake


Verona, the Arena and Romeo and Juliet


Friuli Venezia Giulia and Trieste’s beauty “on the border” (with Slovenia)


Trentino Alto Adige’s and northern Veneto’s spectacular landscape.




Fun, discos and beaches (and amazing food). That’s Riviera Romagnola.


Florence and Tuscany


Marche’s historical beauty and wonderful sea. This region is often not included in the main tours, but it has a lot of hidden treasures, like Conero (the first picture) and the University of Urbino (the second one).


Umbria and Assisi


Rome, “la Città Eterna”


Islands and sea (this place is on the Isole Pontine)


Naples and Amalfi’s Coast.


Sea, mountain, and history in Abruzzo.


Molise’s traditions



Puglia’s caribbean-like sea and trulli in Alberobello


Sassi di Matera (Matera’s Stones) in Basilicata. Where Mel Gibson shot some scenes of his “Passion of the Christ”


Calabria’s beaches and wonderful landscapes.


Sicily’s incredible history, culture, sea and food and many other things.



Peace and relax. That’s Sardegna.

Of course there are many many other places and cities I haven’t mentioned here. That’s just a spot, an idea.

And never forget to eat. 🙂